Useful Resources

There is a number of useful resources in the Internet from which you can learn many interesting things about PC audio cables and your home sound system in general, gain help from gurus in this area or just share your experience with other people. Here are some of these places:
This section of the well-known guidance resource has a list of PC audio hardware reviews, educational articles about PC acoustic systems connection schemes, descriptions of audio standards, known troubles resolution guide.
This resource is definitely worth to visit if you are not indifferent to the sound quality you can get from your computer. It has a number of great articles about sound equipment including digital computer audio cables, wireless computer audio and many more. Its advanced forum and lots of quality reviews also deserve your attention.
Though this resource is targeted mainly to the users creating and editing music on computer, its forums contain tons of thorough information about PC audio connection for various types of sound cards, speakers etc. You have the chance of getting the live advice from people who are true experts in this area.
This is an independent audiophile resource that has very fine sections devoted to sound cables, PC audio and sound formats.
The active forum where you can gain help, troubleshooting, or buying advice from the community of experts. Feel free to ask about A/V cables and components, sound speakers, home theater setup and other similar matters. This information can probably help resolving some questions related to computer audio connection.

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